Friday, May 11, 2012

Goldstrike Adventures: What we do and what we don't do

As with anything else there is much speculation about what Goldstrike Adventures is, what we do and how we do it.
This is to hopefully clear things up for anyone who might be confused.

We teach recreational gold prospectors the skills required to find gold and collect gold.

We sometimes go to public locations that happen to also be historic, which makes the experience more interesting and informational but is insignificant to learning how to prospect, how to pan and how and get your clean gold into a vial for display. We don't charge for the location, we charge for the learning experience.

We teach new prospectors and experienced prospectors the latest panning methods and tricks, how to setup and run a sluice box two ways, how to hand dredge, how to run a highbanker, Gold Cube, or a suction dredge system... A to Z.
We don't rent equipment or sell secret locations... our locations are listed on this very blog.
We always teach our guests to be responsible gold prospectors with an emphasis on aquatic and riparian benefits by following a few simple guidelines provided by our state of Colorado and National Forest Service aquatics and riparian biologist consultants.
We never dig in the banks, shorelines or under vegetation in sensitive areas nor allow our guest to.
Under the guidance of our consulting riparian biologists, we remove toxic and noxious invasive weeds allowing natural vegetation to thrive.
When digging in high benches or dry gulches, we always fill holes and repair the area before leaving that day.
We teach digging within the streambed itself and staying well away from structures, overpasses and artificial fish habitats.
We do remove trash and debris like glass, mercury, fish hooks, line and lead sinkers from the rivers and creeks we utilize.
We teach proper cleaning of waders, boots and other equipment that might carry invasive species to other streams.
We show new prospectors all the tricks in the book for finding gold and a few that aren't in the book.
We never use gas powered pumps and suction dredges or highbankers at sensitive areas like Arapahoe City, Ralston Creek and other endangered locations, whether it is legal to do so or not. Our belief is that public perception far outweighs being right or wrong in these cases and we should make every effort to preserve our endangered spots.
We have fun on every single adventure we conduct.

We have numerous repeat customers and many of our customers are local prospectors who have been striking out for years, young prospectors and older alike. Local prospectors utilize us to get a chance to learn all about running a dredge or big highbanker for a day or perhaps try out a Gold Cube before buying one.

We have taken out over 100 guests since we opened for business last fall and consider most if not all of of the Goldstrike alumni friends now... and we hope you will become one too.

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