Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Colorado GPAA Gold Prospecting Show & Swap Meet!

January 14th Colorado Denver Chapter GPAA Gold Prospecting Show and Swap Meet!

You are invited, bring the entire family!

January-14-2012, 10:00 am

The Denver Metro chapter of the Gold Prospectors Association of America will be having a Gold Prospecting show and demonstrations of all types of prospecting and gem collecting techniques, lots of opportunities to learn and share as well as pick up a golden deal on some gold panning equipment!

Help support responsible prospecting!

Come show/swap/sell your stuff , it’s FREE to vend and FREE to attend!

FREE demonstrations of prospecting equipment and a FREE Prospecting Equipment swap meet at the Bennett VFW Post 8449 the 14th of January 2012. Come take a look at new prospecting gear and bring your old Sluice boxes, Metal detectors, High Bankers, Dredges and Dry washers to barter or sell.

Goldstrike Adventures will be on hand to offer specials on our guided gold adventures and will also have our popular Goldstrike historic paydirt 3lb bags available along with demonstrating the new GOLD CUBE and Gold N Sand Hand Dredging systems.

P.O.C. is Joe Wolter at or 303-644-4025

No Admission fee.

Tri Valley VFW Post 8449 is located at 115 Palmer Ave, Bennett, Co. 80102

Snow/Alternate date: 1-21-12

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Two New Products From Goldstrike Adventures

The Goldstrike BAG 'O THE MONTH Club starts at just $ You'll receive a 3lb bag of Goldstrike Paydirt each month from a different location and other surprizes along the way!

The new GOLDSTRIKE cap from Panther has multiple led lighting built into the bill of this great looking adjustable cap, perfect for seeing all the gold in your pan no matter the lighting conditions!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How to Make Money Panning Paydirt at Home !

One question I get asked a lot regarding our Goldstrike paydirt is "...will I get my money's worth?".

While I won't go into the long drawn out details of my answer to this rather obvious question, I did meet someone who has made thousands from buying paydirt, panning out the gold and then selling it.

This guy... we'll call him "Jimmy", started buying paydirt by mailorder back in 1981 or so when gold was about $300-$400/oz, to pan out after he retired from his office job. He bought over 450lbs during a 15 year period and saved it all until he retired in the late 1990's. He began panning when gold had nearly tripled in value compared to when he had purchased the paydirt. Eureka!

"I remember when Felix Paydirt put over 2 grams of gold in a $12 bag, now the cheapest bag is nearly $150 and averages about a gram of gold in it."

Jimmy began selling it a little bit at a time here and there after it reached $1600/ounce.

He has acquired nearly enough to pay cash for a brand new loaded 2012 Chevy Tahoe.... and he still has over 40lbs yet to be panned!

So, yes... you can get your money's worth buying paydirt online and panning out the gold, providing you are as smart as Jimmy is.

Friday, December 2, 2011

GU Hosting TU For "Prospecting Day" Gold Experience

Gold Unlimited will be hosting a "Hands-on Gold Experience Day"for Colorado Trout Unlimited State Directors as well as management from Jeffco Open Space, Adams County Open Space and other municipalities and government agencies. The tentative date is Saturday December 17th 11:00am -3pm at an undisclosed location.

TU and invited guests will be able to experience the full spectrum of recreational gold prospecting first hand beginning with learning how to "read" a stream, panning techniques, where and how to dig and classify material, prospectors code of ethics, basic sluice-box setup and operation, battery powered highbanking, gas powered motorized highbanking, how to operate a motorized floating 2" suction dredge and even final cleanup of concentrates to reveal the gold from the day!

In addition, we will be removing all of the trash, lead, metal, glass and other debris that we find, from the river.

Our belief is that through education and first-hand experience comes perspective and eventually perhaps a change of perception.

Natural Water Pollution in Colorado More Widespread than Expected

"It turns out that mining is not responsible for for much of the water contamination issues here in Colorado, nor should cleanup of streams include making the water cleaner than is started out in the first place."

Listen to this great interview which may change the way you think about those orange stained rocks, water quality, fish and yes... gold mining.

Colorado Public Radio Audio

-With thanks to 'Red'