Thursday, May 3, 2012

Gold Unlimited Welcomes Keene Engineering

Keene Engineering is teaming up with Gold Unlimited as a corporate sponsor to help bring the hobby of recreational gold panning to kids across Colorado!

As part of Gold Unlimited's commitment to The Greenway Foundation, we have recruited Jerry Keene himself to help Gold Unlimited provide thousands of gold pans to middle and grade schoolers in Colorado. Our initial goal is to teach every child in Denver to pan for gold.

Keene Engineering is the industry leader in recreational gold prospecting equipment and is committed to supporting the future of our great hobby.

In addition, Keene Engineering will be assisting Gold Unlimited with the upcoming Greenway Foundation S Platte River SWEEP Day on Sept 29th 2012!

Thank you to Keene Engineering and welcome aboard!

1 comment:

  1. Our many thanks to Keene Engineering for their continued support of this important project. I've said many times,"Education is the only cure for ignorance"! Opening the eyes of the public to the avocation of recreational prospecting is a huge and vital first step.
    Kudos to Jerry Keene, Gold Unlimited, Gold Prospectors Association of America, and all those who support land rights in our great country!
    Happy Trails,
    Johnny Walker,

    Denver GPAA chapter president and owner of Rocky Mountain Tourism, LLC