Sunday, August 21, 2011

North Fork of Clear Creek Prospecting Report

Image of Russell Gulch late 1800's -

We went up HWY 119 along and above the North Fork of Clear Creek on Friday and tested 4 locations.

Just below Rollinsville off S Boulder Creek is Moon Gulch which is lined with private property although we did find one spot where we could get access to the creek. Very hard compacted material with a steep canyon wall on one side and private property on the other. We did find color of the speck and spot variety but digging is very difficult.

Just below Moon Gulch is Gamble Gulch which again shows color but is almost all private property on the lower road.

Moving on down, we stopped off at a spot one of our Goldstrike clients researched and asked us about for an upcoming gold adventure. If you are considering Smith Hill Road and Smith Hill Gulch to the north off 119 below Blackhawk, forget about it... there are signs that state very clearly that any use of that area OTHER than hunting by state permit is strictly prohibited.

Moving on down the North Fork of Clear Creek, we stopped at a spot down near the confluence with Clear Creek and found decent although very fine color in holes already started by previous prospectors. Working in the streambed proved to be less than successful, finding benches and gravel banks above the stream is much more productive, but extremely difficult due to steep canyon walls and difficult terrain.

If you are planning a prospecting trip up the N Fork of Clear Creek, be prepared for tough going and spotty gold but also a most beautiful part of the Rocky Mountains.

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