Sunday, August 14, 2011

Promoting Responsible Prospecting

Here is a sneak preview of some of the signs a few of us are considering constructing and putting up along Clear Creek and other waterways in order to preserve not only the beauty of our creeks, streams and rivers but to preserve our right to continue to prospect in numerous locations... responsibly.

If you have an idea for a clever sign to promote responsible prospecting, please post a comment!

Below are a few more to get you thinking-

"If ...You Packed It In,

Then ...You Pack it out." - Please Prospect Responsibly

"Let's Help Keep Colorful Colorado 'Color'-full"

- Prospect Responsibly



  1. Prospecting Tip #1:
    The gold is in the creek, NOT under the bike path.
    Please dig responsibly, backfill holes and leave no trace!

  2. (Comment moved from "Washing Rocks")-

    Ha I recently ran into a DNR officer in the NC mountains. He said "you know we really dont like people panning in these trout streams"

    I said really? Why not? As far as I know I am in the National Forrest and I am allowed to do this here as far as I know.

    He said "yes your are, for the time being, but it increases the turbidity in the stream."

    It had just downpoured a for a half hour just awhile before and the stream was the color of yoohoo.

    I let out a laugh and said. Not to be disrespectfull but (pointing into the stream) it would take 50,000 people simultaneously panning in this stream to produce the turbiditiy you see there right now produced by mother nature in just 1 hour. I think your fears are unfounded.

    He just frowned and said "just make sure you fill your holes before you leave and your not allowed more than 5 lbs of material samples so dont let me catch you with an ounce more." Then abruptly walked off.

    I am a responsible prospector, but these young liberal kids out of college have been brainwashed in my opinion.

    August 14, 2011 1:42 PM

  3. I was at the Gold Prospoectors of the Rockies meeting last week. They also talked about working with JeffCo Open Space to get some signs up along Clear Creek. Maybe you should coordinate with them...