Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How to Make Money Panning Paydirt at Home !

One question I get asked a lot regarding our Goldstrike paydirt is "...will I get my money's worth?".

While I won't go into the long drawn out details of my answer to this rather obvious question, I did meet someone who has made thousands from buying paydirt, panning out the gold and then selling it.

This guy... we'll call him "Jimmy", started buying paydirt by mailorder back in 1981 or so when gold was about $300-$400/oz, to pan out after he retired from his office job. He bought over 450lbs during a 15 year period and saved it all until he retired in the late 1990's. He began panning when gold had nearly tripled in value compared to when he had purchased the paydirt. Eureka!

"I remember when Felix Paydirt put over 2 grams of gold in a $12 bag, now the cheapest bag is nearly $150 and averages about a gram of gold in it."

Jimmy began selling it a little bit at a time here and there after it reached $1600/ounce.

He has acquired nearly enough to pay cash for a brand new loaded 2012 Chevy Tahoe.... and he still has over 40lbs yet to be panned!

So, yes... you can get your money's worth buying paydirt online and panning out the gold, providing you are as smart as Jimmy is.


  1. I love the bravery behind anonymity.
    The story is true and about a real life person, we call him Yukon Jim now because of what he drives and how he paid for it. Call me and I will introduce you to Yukon Jim... that is if you really exist.

    The secret to making money on paydirt from the internet is to buy it now and wait for gold prices to increase and then sell it... those thinking they are going to strike it rich buying paydirt on the internet are full of what anonymous said above.