Thursday, April 19, 2012

Adams County Gold District?

photo of "The Big Bend" in Adams County by Ryan Finley- All rights reserved

Adams County Open Space is currently developing it's long range plan for how they utilize their vast open space resources. Dennis D and myself attended meetings this week where ACOS is taking input from the public on what people would like to see and what activities people are most interested in participating in.

We were able to draw on large maps exactly where we would like to see future gold panning parks established in Adams county. I placed 5 locations on the map that we have researched and would make ideal recreational gold panning parks. A place we named Big Bend (pictured above) is one of those places that would be ideal for a future gold panning park.

The staff at Adams County Open Space were very receptive to our ideas and we have been invited to attend a Forum on April 30th to promote these very ideas and Gold Unlimited in general.

Adams County Open Space includes Clear Creek from about 70th and Broadway all the way east to the confluence with the S Platte River AND includes the S Platte River from about 2 miles south of the confluence with Clear Creek to about 88th ave. This forms a giant "T" shaped area that we have designated the Adams County Gold District.

The future of recreational gold prospecting depends on our ability to access local streams, creeks and rivers that are not blm or national forest, but are open space and city parks.
The mission of Gold Unlimited is to maintain and increase your ability to access these public lands, no other organization is focused on this critical aspect of recreational gold prospecting.
don finley
Gold Unlimited

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  1. Clear Creek is where I cought the bug. Thank you for working to get this area set aside for panning.