Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Authorized Denver Gold Cube Dealer

We are proud to announce that Goldstrike Adventures is now the official authorized Denver dealer for the amazing GOLD CUBE !
Now you can order your Gold Cube from Goldstrike online at and arrange for same day or next day local pickup and delivery right here in Colorado, plus local service after the sale!

Why order your Gold Cube from Goldstrike if you don't live in Colorado?
We are the ONLY Gold Cube dealer that provides a FREE 3lb bag of Goldstrike paydirt with your Gold Cube... so your Gold Cube comes with everything INCLUDING the gold!

Deluxe 3 stack GOLD CUBE kit is only $389.00- (12v battery not included) Includes a FREE 3lb bag of Goldstrike Paydirt
Deluxe 4 stack GOLD CUBE kit is only $479.00  (12v battery not included) Includes FREE 3lb bag of Goldstrike Paydirt!

Used and praised by "Dakota Fred" on the discovery channel hit show "Goldrush Alaska" the Gold Cube is a super concentrator highbanking sluice system for creekside use that can be used as a recirculating gold recovery system in your garage or home!

While the average gold panner can pan around 8-10 pans per hour totalling 25-30lbs, the Gold Cube can process over 1,000 lbs per hour and the name of the game in gold prospecting is moving material. The Gold Cube catches all of the gold including the finest flour gold like we see here in Colorado!

If you would like to TRY a Gold Cube before considering purchasing one for yourself, just call us and book one of our half-day guided gold adventures using the Gold Cube for a fraction of the cost!

The Gold Cube is simply the most versatile, portable, compact, economical and efficient gold recovery system on the market today!

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