Sunday, January 19, 2014

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Friday, September 7, 2012

S Platte River "A CALL TO DUTY" Gold Prospectors Unite

If you are a gold prospector here along the front range of Colorado, you already know just how much trash and debris there is to be found in and along the S Platte River through the city of Denver. The Greenway Foundation has been working longer than anyone to clean and restore the S Platte River, over 20 years in fact!

Please join us and give back to the river that has given gold prospectors so much, so that future generations can enjoy the thrill of discovery in a healthy river!

CH2M HILL Fall RiverSweep 2012
Registration NOW OPEN! Click Here
The Annual Fall CH2M HILL RiverSweep is scheduled for Saturday, September 29th, 8 a.m. to noon. We are excited to announce our new Title Sponsor for both the Spring and Fall RiverSweep, CH2M Hill! The CH2M HILL Fall RiverSweep will once again be a part of National Public Lands Day and the Ocean Conservancy's International Coastal Clean Up. This will be the 20th consecutive year that Denver Parks and Recreation Volunteer Department and the Greenway Foundation have jointly collaborated in a 10-mile multi-jurisdictional cleanup. We would also like to thank our Partner Sponsors for their generous support. They include Zeppelin Developement/TAXI in RiNo, Garney Construction, REI Foundation, and Riverfront Park Community Foundation. We are very pleased to the have our returning sponsors Denver Parks and Recreation Department, City and County of Denver, SCFD, Riverfront Park Community Foundation, REI Flagship Store, Barefoot Wine and Bubbly, RTD Denver, Coca Cola and vitaminwater along with the support from the Greenway Preservation Trust. The event is open to individuals, companies, schools, clubs and neighborhood groups. Participants include members of Trout Unlimited, Denver Parks Recreation Department Volunteer Office, Urban Drainage Flood Control District, Coca Cola, Honest Tea, KIND Bar, Starbucks, Odwalla Juice, Whole Foods, Ocean Conservancy, Downtown Aquarium, and several others.
The Greenway Foundation hosts this event and is responsible for coordinating sponsorships, lunch, publicity and trash pickup. Urban Drainage and Flood Control District donates trash pickup and dumpsters, Liberty Waste Management donates portalets and hand washing stations, REI and Denver Parks and Recreation Volunteer office handles onsite volunteer signups, Downtown Aquarium provides parking for the volunteers, RTD Denver provides shuttle transportation for the volunteers, and local restaurants donate food for the volunteer luncheon following the event.

The purpose of the Greenway PURE Trash Reduction Campaign is to determine what types of trash are making it into the South Platte River in Denver and to use that information to create an education and outreach campaign intended to reduce the most common types of trash.

Starting at 8:00 on Saturday, September 29, 2012, PURE volunteers will be collecting trash from the banks of the River and creating an inventory of what’s there. Surveys will be conducted at Commons and Cuernavaca Parks, Johnson-Habitat Park, near Aqua Golf Pond, and at Riverpoint Plaza in Sheridan.
Groups supporting the PURE Trash Inventory include:
Confluence Kayaks
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 8
Denver Department of Environmental Health
Denver Department of Parks and Recreation
Metro Wastewater Reclamation District
Urban Drainage and Flood Control District
Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
Coca Cola
Please download and bring with you the morning of the event the CH2M HILL Fall RiverSweep liability form, please click here.
For additional information or for Sponsorship Opportunities, please contact Cindy Shoemaker at 303-358-6696 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 303-358-6696 end_of_the_skype_highlighting or

For more information on gold prospecting in the S Platte River, contact

Monday, August 13, 2012

Adams County Implementing Changes To Clear Creek

"Stormwater Utility Implementation Project"

As Adams County develops it's long range plans for Clear Creek and the S Platte River, two critical aspects are stormwater management along with flood control measures.

Every recreational gold prospector and gold panner out there should be informed and engaged or risk being left out of the equation as plans are made and projects implemented.

Adams County allows recreational gold prospecting using "non-motorized equipment" (no dredges and gas powered highbankers according to Adams County Parks) in all it's open space and parks property along Clear Creek and also the S Platte River.

Again, we are urging all gold prospectors and small scale miners to PLEASE observe all laws. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to find out the laws whether those rules and regulations are posted on the creeks and rivers or not.

We encourage all recreational gold prospectors to get involved in your local community and also to support Gold Unlimited as we work to develop relationships with Adams County, City and County of Denver, Jefferson County and others to educate, preserve and secure the future of recreational gold prospecting in Colorado .

Visit for info.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Open Invitation to Gold Panners Everywhere

          An Open Invitation to all gold panners, music lovers and party goers near and far!


This is your personal invitation to attend the GOLDAPALOOZA II Party for Sept 1st 2012 at Vic's Gold Panning on HWY 119 in Black Hawk. If you missed the original Goldapalooza testbed party (pictured), now is your chance to get on the guest list for the real deal done big.   

    Goldapalooza II "The Red-emption"
            Order Admission passes at    WWW.GOLDAPALOOZA.COM OR

 ORDER PASSES ONLINE AND SAVE BIG! RSVP  and admission pass* required for entry to this private party pass, includes a full day of prospecting with your pan, sluice, highbanker or dredge and a sample bag of Goldstrike gold paydirt, games, contests and prizes PLUS a fastest panning contest, free event t-shirt, live creekside concert by the Broken Everlys (pictured above- rock and roll music) plus a performance by The Amazing Clam Daddys, PLUS a great creekside BBQ with all the fixins for everyone. Camping is free on a first come first serve basis (tents only) Space is limited, so get your admission passes* at now and RSVP ASAP with your number of guests. JUST $20 IN ADVANCE ONLINE OR $30 AT THE GATE DAY OF EVENT. Go to for details

Great fun and a full day of gold prospecting, free paydirt sample with guaranteed gold, event t-shirt, bbq dinner, live music, games, contests and prizes and much more!

Are YOU the fastest Gold Panner in the West?
Disassemble, move and reassemble, start and run our floatation dredge while timed! (2 person team)
Put your name on a free snuffer bottle and we dump em all in the creek, first snuffer to the finish line wins!
Throw a goldpan frisbee style for distance and accuracy!
Sit around the campfire and tell lies, this time for prizes!

Admission pass $30 per adult, kids under 16 are free with parents.
JUST $20 in advance ONLINE at
Family passes are $75 for up to 3 adults and the kids
JUST $50 in advance at
Includes a full day (and night) of prospecting at Vic's Gold Panning ($10+ value), a sample bag of Goldstrike paydirt with guaranteed gold ($20value), Event T-Shirt ($15value), BBQ Dinner ($15value), Live Music by the Broken Everlys ($20value) PLUS free tent camping (limited space rsvp early)!

Goldapalooza = Great Value, Great Food, Great Fun, Great Music and Great Gold...


Friday, June 22, 2012

Vote to help win $100,000 to improve Confluence Park!

Vote to help our friends at The Greenway Foundation win $100,000 to improve Confluence Park! Cast your vote in Coca-Cola’s “America is Your Park” campaign, and “check in” at Confluence Park with FourSquare to cast 100 votes!

The award will be based on the highest number of votes cast for the winning park. Citizens of all ages can vote by following the simple steps below:
1. Visit the Coca Cola Live Positively Site by clicking this link~
2. Once at that site click step one and vote online. You can use the map or search for Confluence Park at the top under “Park Name”.
3. You can vote online as many times you would like, per day, per hour, leading up to the deadline of July 15, 2012.
4. You can also choose step Two on the Live Positively site and check in at Confluence Park with Foursquare. For each check in, we will earn 100 votes each time you “check in” from Confluence Park. Just click the Foursquare link on the Live Positively site to accept the permission. Then from your Foursquare app on your smart phone, go to “Outdoors”, choose “Map”, pin “Confluence Park”,

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dredge ONLY Where Dredging is Allowed !

In recent weeks there have been a number of incidents involving gold prospectors using gas powered dredging and highbanking equipment down here on the flatlands in city parks and open space areas where such things are prohibited. We have heard concerns expressed by the cities of Denver, Wheat Ridge as well as Adams county about this activity and there is currently much discussion about “what to do” about "the situation".

Denver Parks and Rec already has provisions prohibiting the use of ANY gas powered motorized equipment in ANY park and/or along the River. There are also water quality and permitting issues.

Therefore, Gold Unlimited is calling on all recreational gold prospectors to obey all city and county regulations. In addition we ask that in order to preserve recreational gold prospecting for future generations that all suction dredging, dry dredging and highbanking cease along the entire Clear Creek corridor below Coors to the confluence with the South Platte River as well as along the South Platte River itself from Littleton through Adams County to the north.

While there are applications where suction dredging can be beneficial to streams and rivers, when and where these activities take place is a matter left to those responsible for cleanup and restoration and ia subject to local, state and regional regulations and policies and NOT to the individual prospector.

Please join with us as we celebrate our gold mining heritage, teach new generations of gold panners to prospect and restore our rivers and creeks. Also, we ask that you join us in making others aware that gas powered suction dredging is for upstream where it is allowed by Jefferson County Open Space and on other state and federal lands and is NOT for use downstream in city parks.


Gold Unlimited is working with the Greenway Foundation and various city, county and state government agencies to publicize rules, guidelines and permitting policies pertaining to gold prospecting including dredging activities.
We all need every prospector to use good judgment, leave no trace and always follow the laws and rules relevant to your activity.

Colorado is a special place where we are fortunate to have so many different outdoor activities to enjoy, we all need to do our part to ensure this remains true 150 years from now.

Support our effort to preserve our heritage and don’t dredge where is is NOT ALLOWED!

Please contact us if you see anyone dredging in city parks or with any questions or comments about gold prospecting and or dredging.
Don Finley Vice President Gold Unlimited
Red Wilcox  President Gold Unlimited
Arvada Colorado USA 
Gold Unlimited - "Preserve the Past, Secure the Future"
(image above of legal dredging above tunnel 3 on Clear Creek in Jefferson County Colorado, photo by Ryan)

Friday, May 11, 2012

Goldstrike Adventures: What we do and what we don't do

As with anything else there is much speculation about what Goldstrike Adventures is, what we do and how we do it.
This is to hopefully clear things up for anyone who might be confused.

We teach recreational gold prospectors the skills required to find gold and collect gold.

We sometimes go to public locations that happen to also be historic, which makes the experience more interesting and informational but is insignificant to learning how to prospect, how to pan and how and get your clean gold into a vial for display. We don't charge for the location, we charge for the learning experience.

We teach new prospectors and experienced prospectors the latest panning methods and tricks, how to setup and run a sluice box two ways, how to hand dredge, how to run a highbanker, Gold Cube, or a suction dredge system... A to Z.
We don't rent equipment or sell secret locations... our locations are listed on this very blog.
We always teach our guests to be responsible gold prospectors with an emphasis on aquatic and riparian benefits by following a few simple guidelines provided by our state of Colorado and National Forest Service aquatics and riparian biologist consultants.
We never dig in the banks, shorelines or under vegetation in sensitive areas nor allow our guest to.
Under the guidance of our consulting riparian biologists, we remove toxic and noxious invasive weeds allowing natural vegetation to thrive.
When digging in high benches or dry gulches, we always fill holes and repair the area before leaving that day.
We teach digging within the streambed itself and staying well away from structures, overpasses and artificial fish habitats.
We do remove trash and debris like glass, mercury, fish hooks, line and lead sinkers from the rivers and creeks we utilize.
We teach proper cleaning of waders, boots and other equipment that might carry invasive species to other streams.
We show new prospectors all the tricks in the book for finding gold and a few that aren't in the book.
We never use gas powered pumps and suction dredges or highbankers at sensitive areas like Arapahoe City, Ralston Creek and other endangered locations, whether it is legal to do so or not. Our belief is that public perception far outweighs being right or wrong in these cases and we should make every effort to preserve our endangered spots.
We have fun on every single adventure we conduct.

We have numerous repeat customers and many of our customers are local prospectors who have been striking out for years, young prospectors and older alike. Local prospectors utilize us to get a chance to learn all about running a dredge or big highbanker for a day or perhaps try out a Gold Cube before buying one.

We have taken out over 100 guests since we opened for business last fall and consider most if not all of of the Goldstrike alumni friends now... and we hope you will become one too.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Gold Unlimited Welcomes Keene Engineering

Keene Engineering is teaming up with Gold Unlimited as a corporate sponsor to help bring the hobby of recreational gold panning to kids across Colorado!

As part of Gold Unlimited's commitment to The Greenway Foundation, we have recruited Jerry Keene himself to help Gold Unlimited provide thousands of gold pans to middle and grade schoolers in Colorado. Our initial goal is to teach every child in Denver to pan for gold.

Keene Engineering is the industry leader in recreational gold prospecting equipment and is committed to supporting the future of our great hobby.

In addition, Keene Engineering will be assisting Gold Unlimited with the upcoming Greenway Foundation S Platte River SWEEP Day on Sept 29th 2012!

Thank you to Keene Engineering and welcome aboard!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Gold Unlimited Teaming Up With The Greenway Foundation!

Gold Unlimited Association of America is very proud to announce that we are adding the Greenway Foundation to our growing list of allies as we push forward with efforts to preserve existing gold panning sites while expanding and developing new locations for recreational gold prospectors along the S Platte River near downtown Denver.

Since 1974, The Greenway Foundation has led efforts to

  • Reclaim the South Platte River and its tributaries from a virtual cesspool to a place of environmental and recreational pride

  • Construct more than 100 miles of hiking and biking trails

  • Create 20+ parks and natural areas

  • Design and build numerous whitewater boat chutes

  • Vastly improve the health of the South Platte River Watershed and its habitats

  • Provide environmental education to more than 60,000 school children

  • Provide free riverside concerts and cultural events to thousands of residents and visitors

  • Employ more than 100 teenagers in youth employment programs

  • Helped create over $100 million of green improvement to the South Platte River and its tributaries, facilitating over 10 billion in residential and commercial development throughout the Denver Metro area.
Gold Unlimited will be assisting with the Greenway Foundation's South Platte River Environmental Education (SPREE) program with our "Pans N Hands" youth panning educational program which encourages "unstructured outdoor activity" for children helping to prevent NDD (Nature Deficit Disorder) and treat ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). According to recent research, one of the best activities a child can engage in is simply going down to the local creek or stream and playing in the rocks and water. Gold Unlimited will be providing a free gold pan to every student that participates in the SPREE gold panning excursion and weekend gold adventure excursions.
CALLING ALL GOLDIGGERS- Gold Unlimited will also be calling on all Colorado gold prospectors, miners, panners and other goldiggers to come out on September 29th to participate in the Greenway Foundation S Platte River SWEEP cleanup day if possible.

We will encourage legal, safe and existing approved methods to assist in the cleanup of the S Platte river within the existing framework of the SWEEP program, Urban drainage and other agencies involved to ensure a positive experience for everyone involved.

We will not be promoting the use of suction dredges this year in the cleanup due to concerns over their use in this section of river.
Stay tuned and help us get the word out on this fantastic opportunity to show Colorado what a valuable resourse we have in our gold prospecting community.
UPDATE TO POST BELOW REGARDING GFP - Montana City gold panning to remain open to recreational gold prospectors! According to the RISO master plan, future development includes recreational gold panning at Grant Frontier Park (Montana City) and we are working to assure gold panners that Grant Frontier Park will remain open to gold panning and prospecting just as it has for over 150 years.

In addition, Gold Unlimited will be working with the Greenway Foundation to ensure that other traditional historic gold panning locations including Montana City (Grant Frontier Park), Auraria and others remain or are developed as a place for recreational gold prospectors to visit for generations to come.

UPDATE: 6/20/2012- Gas powered motorized equipment of any kind is NOT allowed in Denver City parks, open space nor by Denver Urban Drainage. Please be aware that suction dredging is NOT allowed at Grant Frontier Park.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Denver RISO master plan ignoring Recreational Gold Panning?

I noticed some chatter on one of the local prospecting forums about concerns regarding plans for Grant Frontier Park/Montana City which is on the S Platte River near Evans and Santa Fe, and so I decided to check it out.

Be very concerned if you are a recreational gold prospector who likes to pan for gold on the S Platte River.

The RISO Master Plan developed in 2009 by the City of Denver, describes in great detail the plans to create boat ramps, swimming areas, fishing areas, wetland areas, wildlife habitat and walkways along the S Platte River including the Grant Frontier Park site... with no mention of gold panning or prospecting in any way except in their proud description about the ancient history of the S Platte River and Montana City.

There are also plans to change the river channel and streambed itself to benefit recreational boating and fishing without any apparent regard or mention of the consequences for recreational gold panning. "In-channel recreational improvements" as they call it, involves drop structures, manmade eddies and gradient changes to alter the natural deposition of material in the streambed.
Plans also include changing the natural bank, planting vegetation and creating riparian areas along the shoreline as well as adding additional bike paths, all of which would preclude putting your shovel in the ground.

We will be contacting the city of Denver in the next few days to discuss this obvious unintentional oversite and hopefully help them include the most historic recreational activity of all in their plans for future recreational activities on the S Platte River.