Sunday, November 6, 2011

Vic's Gold Panning PAYDIRT Now Available from Goldstrike

Photo used with permission from Jesse Peterson
If you have ever panned for gold in Colorado, the chances are you have panned at Vic's Gold Panning on HWY 119 just below BlackHawk at some point.

However, unless you went up the canyon to Vic's place, you couldn't get the gold from there. Right?

Until now.

We are proud to announce that Goldstrike is the exclusive outlet for genuine authentic Vic's Gold Panning Paydirt.

I spent the day with Jesse Peterson who owns Vic's Gold Panning and got quite a history lesson along with some great coffee and conversation. The old mine shaft behind his modest home goes back into the mountain some 2/3rds of a mile and Jesse also showed me how he recovered over $60,000.00 worth of gold from one hole... and that was well before gold was worth what it is today.

Jesse has managed to hang on to his property and his business in spite of constant pressure from a variety of sources to do otherwise for several decades. He is a throwback to another time and way of life, but at the same time a model for hard work and dedication.

At one point after I had shown him some gold I had found down on the flatlands, he took out a small bag that once was white but now more of a golden brown color and removed a nugget which was about 2 inches by 3 inches by a half inch thick and must have weighed at least 6 ounces or more and handed it to me.... I gasped and without thinking said the one thing you can't ask a miner... "Jesse, WHERE did you get THIS?" Jesse smiled without even blinking and said softly.... "outta' that little white bag".

You can go up to visit Jesse at Vic's Gold Panning and take his upcoming new tour, then pan for gold for only $8 per bucket or so, or you can take one of our Goldstrike X-Stream adventures up to Vic's and use our highbankers and/or dredge or now you can order Paydirt from Jesse's secret honey hole to pan out in the comfort of your home, only from Goldstrike Adventures.

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  1. Vic's was the first place I ever panned (about 22 years ago!) are inspiring me to get back there again sometime soon (maybe next spring when the weather warms up...until then I think I would be better off with your paydirt!).