Tuesday, November 29, 2011

GU Meets With TU, Launches New Relationship

Anglers and prospectors don't have much of a reputation for working together, in fact they have been more at odds and in competition with each other than cooperative in the past.

Emphasis on "the past".

A couple of weeks ago that all changed when State Director David Nickum and other high ranking members of Trout Unlimited met with Gold Unlimited a newly formed non-profit founded by a group of prospectors including myself and Steve "Red" Wilcox.

Yes, there were some disagreements and yes there were some preconceived prejudices, but the result was that the two groups are moving forward to work together for the same purpose which is the preservation of our waterways for recreational purposes.

Our next meeting will actually be on the creek for a day learning all about prospecting hosted by Gold Unlimited. Trout Unlimited members along with Jeffco Open Space and Adams County Open Space management will be among the guests.

Stay tuned for more on this powerful alliance that is sure to impact future prospecting sites and access to existing locations.


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