Monday, September 26, 2011

Gold Unlimited Statement on Possible Destruction of TU Fish Habitat

During conversations with various organizations regarding the formation of the new GOLD UNLIMITED non-profit, I heard some very disturbing news today which requires a public response, even if not true.

Those of us at Gold Unlimited are working very hard to develop a positive relationship between gold prospectors and other groups like Trout Unlimited, the Cities of Golden and Arvada and other related organizations.
However, I was informed by a reliable source at a water resource agency that gold prospectors were moving boulders that were just set in place by Trout Unlimited and Jeffco Open Space people to create fish habitat on upper Clear Creek near Mayhem Gulch on HWY 6.

Really, are you kidding me?
So, as many of us are working to begin to undo the couple hundred years of irresponsible mining and bad press, local recreational gold prospectors are tearing up areas of Clear Creek which were only created by TU as fish habitat the week before. Unacceptable.

C'mon guys... and gals, fellow prospectors, if we don't start digging and mining responsibly, then there will not be anywhere left to dig in a very short period of time. Seriously.
Cities like Boulder and Wheat Ridge have already banned gold prospecting and now possibly even Adams County is doing the same... unofficially of course, but the landscape for prospecting is shrinking rapidly and it's time to start reversing that process.

Gold Unlimited seeks to preserve the past by educating and informing, creating pride in our heritage while securing the future by taking the steps to make certain our great great grandchildren will still have the right and the ability to pan for gold should they desire to do so.

Only by policing ourselves, prospecting responsibly and educating the public can this be achieved.

Therefore, Gold Unlimited publicly condemns any action by anyone which destroys public or private property, damages fish habitat or our waterways in any way. We are actively soliciting responsible gold prospectors in Colorado and across the globe to join us in our efforts to preserve the past and secure the future.

We must work together to protect our rights to pursue our favorite recreational activity, whatever that may be, in these streams, creeks, rivers and waterways. Take care of it or lose it completely, that is our choice.

Please take the time to research the location(s) you are considering prospecting to make sure you are not doing more damage than you think, take time to care. If you see someone prospecting irresponsibly, please take the time to educate them yourself or simply call me and I will get in "Bertha" the worlds biggest black Ford dually van, drive over there and "educate" them myself.

Prospect responsibly, respect private property signs as well as fish habitats and please, leave no trace!

RD Finley
Vice President
Gold Unlimited Association of America
Arvada, CO

cell- 405-464-3782

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