Saturday, September 24, 2011

Clear Creek: Dredging, Highbanking and the Gold Cube

Ryan and I went out this morning and spent the entire day on upper Clear Creek setting up and using a 2" suction pontoon dredge, a monster self powered highbanker that you can shovel material right into without classifying as fast as you can dig, a new Gold N Sand battery powered mini-highbanker on wheels, the new GOLD CUBE and oh yeah, ...a shovel and pan.

It was quite a site and also quite an experience and a little bit overwhelming at first, but Red from Gold N Sand was there to get us going in the right direction and keep everything running smoothly.

If you have never had the opportunity to run a dredge system it is quite fun but not easy by any means. Keeping the nozzle from clogging is an art form and getting the big rocks out of the hole is a never ending process but holy cow it does a fantastic job of sucking up the gold.

Working behind big boulders is dangerous and should NOT be taken lightly, with the constant force of the stream behind it, only a small hole dug in the wrong spot can entice a boulder to move very quickly. Done properly, you can make the boulder go where you want it to go... if it goes anywhere at all.

The new big highbanker is just a gravel eating monster, feed it as fast as you can dig with big rocks mixed in with the fine sand- whatever, no problem.

The new Gold N Sand mini-highbanker on wheels is the slickest, most compact and user friendly highbanker on the market period... and I'm sorry but it is just plain cute and I mean that in a good way. We are taking it out on a gold adventure tomorrow morning for an eleven year old birthday-boy and his younger brother and dad... I know they will love it.

Our new GOLD CUBE is amazing. Once you've classified the material to 1/8th inch you can feed the gold cube with a small shovel as fast as you like and it catches ALL of the gold. After 16 buckets of gravel you will end up with about a cup of black sand and gold super concentrate.

If you are interested in a gold adventure where YOU get to use the biggest and baddest and best equipment possible, including a floating dredge system, then contact us at GOLDSTRIKE Colorado Gold Adventures and we will hook you up!
REMEMBER, Only dredge where dredging is allowed!

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  1. I had a great time out on the creek with Don and Ryan today 9/25. They do a great job of teaching and helping you have FUN as well as get some gold. We had a pretty good day by any measure using a sluice and the gold-n-sand hand pump. Thanks Guys!