Friday, June 22, 2012

Vote to help win $100,000 to improve Confluence Park!

Vote to help our friends at The Greenway Foundation win $100,000 to improve Confluence Park! Cast your vote in Coca-Cola’s “America is Your Park” campaign, and “check in” at Confluence Park with FourSquare to cast 100 votes!

The award will be based on the highest number of votes cast for the winning park. Citizens of all ages can vote by following the simple steps below:
1. Visit the Coca Cola Live Positively Site by clicking this link~
2. Once at that site click step one and vote online. You can use the map or search for Confluence Park at the top under “Park Name”.
3. You can vote online as many times you would like, per day, per hour, leading up to the deadline of July 15, 2012.
4. You can also choose step Two on the Live Positively site and check in at Confluence Park with Foursquare. For each check in, we will earn 100 votes each time you “check in” from Confluence Park. Just click the Foursquare link on the Live Positively site to accept the permission. Then from your Foursquare app on your smart phone, go to “Outdoors”, choose “Map”, pin “Confluence Park”,

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