Saturday, February 18, 2012

Unethical, No. Proud, YES !

Well it looks like we've ruffled some feathers (again).... I told you this wouldn't be boring!
A couple of paranoid gossiping gold forum members are upset with us here at Goldstrike Adventures for offering and sharing the Colorado gold panning experience with recreational gold panners around the globe.
"Why..... It's Unethical" is the claim. It seems these large brained big thinkers are afraid that by revealing their so-called secret locations which are really just public parks and open space, that I am going to start some kind of gold rush and that "their" revered secret spots will be all "mined out". (lol...sorry)
The fact is that we are very proud to provide people from Australia to Canada, across the entire USA (even Alaska and California) the chance to pan placer gold from significantly historic Colorado sites no matter where they live via our Goldstrike Paydirt bags. Goldstrike Paydirt is currently the #1 selling paydirt on ebay month after month. The feedback is fantastic and it is great to hear how much people enjoy the history of the specific location that each bag came from as well as the gold of course.
We are also very proud of Colorado's rich gold mining history and believe it is something to be celebrated and shared not secreted away for club members only or just local insiders. As far as it being "mined out" any time soon... did you know that Colorado is NUMBER TWO in gold production in the US and if they didn't mine it all out 150 years ago with giant dredges and hydraulicking operations then a few guys with a shovel and a Gold Cube aren't gonna' do it. The Colorado School of Mines told us that in fact for every single piece of gold you remove today there will be at least that much gold back in that spot next year and the next and the next millennium.
Some people are upset with us because we take customers out on guided gold adventures to where these people consider to be their secret locations.... in spite of the fact that these "secret" locations are on public lands, city parks or open space and have been historic gold sites for over 150 years and are fairly well known but hiding in plain site. The only thing secret is that these individuals think they have a secret location but they don't.
We are proud of the fact that we teach people from beginners to experienced prospectors, natives from Colorado and visitors from other states, where the gold is and how to find it for themselves... we teach them things to utilize long after the adventure is over. Things you can't teach on a blog or website. We show experienced prospectors new tricks and provide them the opportunity to try new equipment and new spots without joining any clubs or accessing claims or message boards or gossip forums... and we will continue to offer our services for as long as there are people lined up to go get gold with us. We are proud to do so and hope you will continue to support what we do as we grow our business... attacks not withstanding.

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