Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Product Release: SandAway black sand/gold separator

The SandAway TM Gold/Black Sand Separator was developed as a simple economical tool to remove placer gold particles from heavy black sand concentrates quickly and efficiently at a significantly lower cost than competitive systems.

The SandAway TM Double Decker Gold Recovery System features two adjustable levels and two types of ribbed mat gold recovery, PLUS built in riffles under the matting for additional recovery of elusive ultra fine gold.

Simple to operate, fast setup, easy cleanup and quick teardown.

Hinged design folds up instantly for easy transport or storage.

Both levels (upper and lower deck angles) are fully adjustable for finding the best flow angles for your specific type of blacksand concentrates or classified material.

Unique design- The upper deck is tapered inward (converging) forcing all of the black sand/gold material inward down the middle of the riffles, while the lower level is tapered outward (diverging) which spreads out remaining material and separates any remaining gold particles that get that far, allowing them to collect in the lower deck ribbed mat.

(NOTE: Most Gold will stay in the top 5-10 riffles of the upper deck mat!)

The waterflow head has a screw-type finely adjustable valve (not std ball valve) for a much more controlled adjustment of volume/flow for your specific black sand or classified material.

The 'waterfall' between the upper and lower levels helps separate any stubborn gold from blacksand particles before entering the 'reverse direction' lower deck.

Two types of removable ribbed mats (course and fine ribbed) are included for varying types of black sand-gold concentrate material.

The SandAway TM Gold Recovery System fits on any two standard 5 gal buckets (not included) and includes a 110v recirculating pump.

Waterflow head also connects to std garden hose fitting if desired.

*Optional 12v pump for creekside gold recovery is available for an additinal $49.00 (not included in std pkg).

The complete SandAway TM Double Decker Gold Recovery System is only $149.95 plus shipping and handling. Compare with units priced at over twice the cost.

Std Pkg Comes complete, with everything you need (except the gold of course)

1- SandAway Double decker 48" mini-sluice

1- reversable double sided Fine ribbed/ new combo ribbed mat

1- reversable double sided Wide ribbed / diamond pattern mat

1- Waterflow Head

1- Screw-type valve

1- 110v AC pump

1- recirculation hose

1- gold sucker bottle

1- gold display bottle

Visit the SandAway website for more pics and info.

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